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Your partner in naturally effective insect control

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Setting a new global benchmark

Botanical Resources Australia is a global leader in the production of the natural insecticide active ingredient, Pyrethrins, extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum daisies.

Sustainable production for a secure tomorrow

With more than thirty years of proprietary plant breeding and field trial research behind us, we are continuously refining the way we, and our grower partners, sustainably maximise productivity in the field.

Powering pest control worldwide

Our Australian made Pyrethrins power hundreds of insect control products worldwide - products backed by the market leading household insecticides and environmental sciences companies.

Growing diversification

Outside our core business, our interests extend to the production of dairy stock feeds, green waste bio-fuel, commercial seed treatments, and the farming of high value crops from our base of Tasmania, Australia.

Dairy stock

Seed treatments

Green waste

High value

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