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Why Pyrethrins

Why Pyrethrins1

Powering hundreds of insect control products, Pyrethrins is the world’s most widely used plant-based insecticide active ingredient. 

Offering a myriad of benefits versus both alternative natural extracts and synthetic chemistry, natural Pyrethrins provides broad-spectrum contact kill of most insects. With its favourable toxicology profile, short environmental persistence, and short withholding period, Pyrethrins-based products are used in more sensitive applications including pest control in food processing environments, in protected cropping integrated-pest-management, and for eradicating head lice on school-age children.

Natural benefits

Efficacy and application

  • Fast knockdown and kill of problem insects
  • Favourable toxicology and EFATE profile
  • Superior ‘flushing’ effect excites insects, flushing them from hiding, resulting in increased likelihood of contact exposure and enhanced control
  • Broad labels for formulated products with more approved uses and applications than many other alternative insecticide active ingredients
  • Long history of use with limited documented insect resistance


  • Powerful and effective natural insecticide active ingredient
  • Sustainably grown and extracted from pyrethrum daisies grown by Australian farmers
  • Suitable for use in more sensitive areas including edible gardening and food processing environments
  • Short residual and low environmental persistence