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Environmental Policy


Botanical Resources Australia (BRA) recognises environmental protection is a vital aspect of the sustainability of our natural resources and our continued business success.

The BRA Environmental Policy is intended to provide a transparent framework for our Environmental Management System (EMS) ensuring BRA is a responsible leader in environmental management. BRA will achieve this by implementing the objectives outlined in this policy.


This policy applies to all operations under the management and control of BRA.


The BRA policy objectives are:
1.        Conduct all operations in accordance with all local environmental legislation
2.        Establish and maintain environmental management systems that use the principles of ISO 14001
3.        Responsibly minimise adverse environmental affects by operating at an efficient level of performance and by balancing short term and long-term costs
4.        Design and implement new programs and work to responsibly minimise adverse environmental effects and to maximise favorable effects where possible
5.        Provide information to and consider input from employees, contractors and the community on significant environmental matters
6.        Work within a framework of ecologically sustainable development by using resources in a manner, which maximises their value to the community and to future generations
7.        Periodically review operations and identify opportunities to:
      (i)       Reduce adverse environmental effects
      (ii)      Improve the environment affected by BRA
      (iii)     Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions
      (iv)     Use resources more efficiently and reduce waste
      (v)      Minimise the generation of waste products and where possible find alternative uses for waste products from our operations
8.        Report annually on environmental performance and compliance
9.        Implement systems to continually improve environmental management and performance

The HSE Manager is responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of this policy throughout the organisation.

The Leadership Team is responsible for, and committed to, ensuring that the EMS and its processes are communicated, understood, and applied within and external to the Company. Senior management has the ultimate responsibility and authority for the EMS.

This policy will be communicated to all employees and any other person who may be affected by it.